Could not be any more impressed with George, Sam, and their crew. Professional, punctual, honest, and extremely hardworking. George was very understanding of our strict construction schedule and finished everything quicker than quoted. Top quality, highly recommended. Will use again.

-Jason, Los Angeles

My parents and I used George to open up a dividing wall in our house. He came in with great expertise. He is very knowledgable in the field and really gives you great insight. His crew was very timely and organized, which was something that was very important to us.  The wall came down and gave us our desired look. I recommend using George for any renovation needs. He is easy to talk to, a great listener, and has great design skills.

-Mariam, Porter Ranch

In September 2009, I purchased a bank-owned foreclosed townhouse in Pacoima.  My friends and family were skeptical about the purchase, because the property needed so many repairs.  I initially tried to do some of the work myself, but quickly found that I was overwhelmed by the scope of it all.  I hired a couple of contractors recommended by our Home Owner’s Association, and was very underwhelmed by the quality of their work.

 Upon a friend’s recommendation, I asked George (Cornerstone Construction) to come by and give me an estimate for the remaining work.  We agreed on an overall price, and he asked me to trust his judgment in choosing the paint color and tile.  I quickly found that he has an excellent eye for design, and great project management skills.  As we proceeded with the renovation, I found myself asking him to do additional work, because I was so happy with the results we had achieved thus far.  He was always very flexible in changing plans in the middle of a project to incorporate my feedback.  I found that he exercised creativity in selecting color palates and fixtures that were both modern and elegant.  He also gave me great ideas on how to maximize the value of my limited budget. 

I have gladly recommended him to my close friends, and they were very satisfied with his work as well.

Please feel free to call me to discuss my experience further.

Sincerely, Matthew Bresolin

recently contracted Cornerstone Construction to remodel my entire home, including a major kitchen, master bathroom, master bedroom, living-room and fireplace overhaul. All of the walls have been painted and the tile and wood flooring on two stories have been completely redone. My experiences to date with George and Cornerstone Construction have been glowing.

George has treated the project as if it was his own home remodel. He has managed the timeline and the finances extremely tightly, always keeping me on point when things needed my input, and has ensured no wasted costs/expenditures. He has been my absolute trusted advisor in all matters and has given me everything straight. He has been so transparent with me that I feel that I understand the construction business myself now!

George accompanied me to several vendors helping me select materials, including tile, hardwood, lighting and granite (mainly because I am a very hands on person). At every vendor visit he had deep insight into what would work, and what wouldn't and why. And while he always shared his wisdom and insight with me, I never felt as if I didn't have control over the project and the vision. 

George has gone out of his way on several occasions to have long conversations with me about the project, brainstorming and sharing ideas. He brings such passion and excitement to every discussion, and it is clear that he is absolutely invested in both the quality of his work product and our shared vision for the project. 

I am so happy with the experience, the results and the unbeatable price that I am telling all of my closest friends and family about him and his company.

Best, John Refila

When I bought my condo in Marina del Rey recently, I had heard good reviews from my friends who had used Cornerstone Construction and Development in order to remodel their bathroom in their home in Culver City. 

I worked with George Abraham of Cornerstone to paint the walls and build me an island that matched the existing kitchen. This task was difficult as the kitchen cabinetry was difficult to match. George worked hard and communicated often with me and his team in order to find the exact materials and countertop. The end product looked like it was built at the same time as the rest of the cabinetry.

 What I also appreciated about working with George is his design experience. He was able to guide us through the tough decisions of which colors and styles to choose for our condo while respecting our taste as well. He makes it easy to work with him. 

The other thing I appreciated was how quickly he worked and was in and out of the project. My wife, new baby, and I greatly appreciate his work and would recommend him to anyone who asks!

 Regards, John Youssef

George's years of construction experience and his pleasing personality is what sold us. We obtained several estimates from reputable companies within the same price range, some a bit higher. George openly shared with us his background and the experience he has from pass jobs.  He explained how he could modernize our home with the services that he now offers thru Cornerstone Construction.  

He remodeled our entire kitchen with custom cabinets, granite counters, full backsplash, and under mount sink with all the necessary plumbing and electrical.  The kitchen ceiling was raised with recessed lighting added plus drywall work was done on the kitchen ceiling and walls.  He also added a custom peninsula in the kitchen and a custom wet bar in our family room.  Over 1000 square feet of new hardwood floors were installed in our home and some wall surfaces were repainted.  

George and his crew from Cornerstone Construction was very polite and cooperative while working in our home.  The demolition was conducted in an efficient, clean manner to minimize disruption and soiling of other living areas.  George provided many useful suggestions that aided us in finalizing design decisions while insuring that the quality of the construction was maintained.  He worked with us to help complete the project within our budget, excluding our special requests which were not extensive.

We have enjoyed working with George and Cornerstone Construction on this major project in home.  All large projects are a challenge and take patience and persistence.  We are very happy with the outcome and look forward to enjoying our updated home for many years to come.

We would recommend and hire George again for future projects.

 -Anita, Agoura Hills

hired Cornerstone Construction about a year and a half ago to renovate my family home.   We made significant changes to our kitchen, including enlarging it and opening it up to provide a better flow to the house.   We remodeled the outdated bathrooms, redesigned the fireplace, and revamped the flooring, amongst many other changes.   My family and I have been and remain extremely pleased with not only the result, but also the service Cornerstone provided throughout our entire remodeling process.

The people from Cornerstone we reliable and present throughout all phases of construction.   He met with us multiple times to review the work that needed to be done (including providing some very good recommendations which we took), George came with us when we were choosing materials we would use, and was on the job site monitoring progress daily.   George holds himself to a standard of excellence that translated to us not having to chase him down regarding any questions or concerns we had.   During the renovation, my wife and I ultimately asked for the colors of some of the rooms to be changed several times and requested George to lower the height of the bathroom vanity.   He did so willingly in order to ensure our satisfaction.

I have recommended Cornerstone to my friends, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, competent, honest, hard-working, and talented contractor and construction company.

Sincerely, Mike Flecker